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Villotec provides design services that can help your project get completed on time and on budget. Thanks to the experience, skill and breadth of expertise of our engineers, we are a one-stop shop for PCB design, firmware programming and systems design.

Design Services

PCB Design

With our portfolio of products already out on the market today, we have accumulated a lot of experience developing 4-6-layer PCBs embedded in today's IoT products. We use mostly Altium Designer for our PCB design.

Firmware Programming

We have expertise in making software that target most of the MCU and FPGA ICs on the market today, such as STM32, Cypress PSOC/PROC, NXP Kinetis, Nordic nRF51/52 and Altera/Intel Cyclone.

System Integration

Villotec is a firm experienced in developing products that use wireless protocols such as Bluetooth LE, LoRaWAN, Cellular and WiFi. We also have expertise in wired protocols such as USB, Ethernet, CAN, and many more.

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