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The VL-100 is a short-range wireless lightning detector. It can detect approaching thunderstorm activity within a radius of 40km. It can determine its approximate distance, the energy level of individual lightning strikes and uses fine-tuned algorithms to reject man-made interference to prevent false positives. It operates entirely on a solar panel and battery for easy maintenance and installation. It relays the information through a LoRaWAN network.

Lightning storms are a phenomenon that kills around 24,000 people around the world and about 240,000 people are injured every year. It is important therefore to install warning systems that help companies and government warn their staff about approaching thunderstorms and save tens of thousands of dollars in asset and liability damage. By immediately knowing when a storm becomes dangerous, companies are able to move people and assets to safety. 

System Specifications

LoRaWAN Compliant

Compatible with any standard LoraWAN network. Will join the network either through ABP or OTAA. 

Waterproof and Dustproof

IP67-rated case is ideal for resistance to outdoor elements

Lightning Strike Alerts

The VL-100 sends a message to a client's system for every stage of an approaching thunderstorms, allowing users to closely monitor the danger levels.

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