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The StormSens LoRaWAN wireless lightning detector. It can detect approaching thunderstorm activity within a radius of 40km. It can determine its approximate distance, the energy level of individual lightning strikes and uses fine-tuned algorithms to reject man-made interference to prevent false positives. It is enclosed in an IP67-rated waterproof enclosure so that it can resist all outdoor weather conditions.


It operates entirely on a solar panel and battery so there is never a need to charge the device or replace the battery. Once it is installed, it can be left alone indefinitely while it sends battery levels and status reports every 10 minutes. It ships with a set of wall-mounting brackets so that it can be screwed to a wall or tied to a pole through cable ties.


It is compatible with any standard LoRaWAN network as a Class A device. By default, it connects to the network through OTAA but it is also configurable through ABP. Key system parameters can be changed dynamically through downlink messages to the device.



User Manual:


SKU: 364215376135191
  • Ships to all of North America and Europe

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